October 6, 2021

I’m over the halfway mark today with round 4! Wahooo! I am feeling a little invincible today. TODAY. I will see where the week takes me if I have to deal with any side effects. So far, my bloodwork is coming in normal since I began chemotherapy and my body is not failing me! I am a grateful grateful spirit. I feel like the ♌ lioness ♌ that I am today!

Yesterday’s infusion went well as expected. I discussed not being able to sleep at all and received a prescription to help me get some actual rest which is detrimental to my mental health. So this week, I WILL be getting some sleep so my body can heal! Every cycle I go in with a strong mental game and high spirits to get through the week. This week was no different.

In the waiting room prior to going to treatment. We chat about how things are going and current labs.

Before I left, I took pictures with the wonderful lab technicians that draw my blood each office visit. They are AWESOME!! I love the joy they bring me and they are incredible at what they do for their patients.

on the way out after 4 hours of infusion, stopping by to take photos with the ladies who draw my blood each time.
Just clowning around, they have great senses of humor and are always happy. Just what patients need!

I continue to work as much as my health allows which makes me feel great and keeps my mind off myself and onto my work and my wonderful clients.

Still have hair at the time of the 4th cycle. Feeling good at the start of the week.

The Wednesday following my Tuesday treatment, it’s a beautiful sunny day today,  as are my spirits. I have only two more sessions to go. Fingers crossed for the week!


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