The end of another school year is near and parents are prepping for summer activities with their little ones, including yours truly. Personally, the coming of summer is a mixed blessing because on the one hand we can be spontaneous,  yet on the other, the days can be long too!

As a parent to young people I spend a great deal of time reflecting on how much my kids have grown during this time of year. We are attending award ceremonies, band concerts, and volunteering at end of year school functions. I’m constantly amazed at how much they change during the school year and all these activities help to remind me.

Today was picnic in the park day with my 3rd grader. We didn’t sit with a bunch of his friends, but rather, just the two of us because he wanted to have me all to himself. How sweet.  My guy is funny, full of energy, laughs a lot, and is so handsome. I take as many photos as I can of all my children because I just want to remember them in as much detail as possible at every stage of their lives. Their height; their smiles with the big teeth; their soft skin; wild hair; lanky bodies; and fun spirits. All of it.

After we enjoyed our picnic lunch, my baby boy was playing on the swing set. I took the opportunity to capture a great moment that I remember doing as a child too. Who remembers when they were young, being on the swing, jutting your legs forward then back to get yourself as high as the top of swing set if not higher? Then at the perfect moment, when the feeling is right, getting the courage to let go of the seat chains and fly for The rush of excitement as you land on your feet so thrilling you just had to do it again! And he did, about six more times.

This is my boy. He likes to joke, build Legos, run fast, parkour, climb trees, and fly from swings.


What would you like to remember about your children?


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