I could not wait to share this photo! I shot this while on a high school retreat with my church community this weekend. It is absolutely my favorite shot of the entire weekend!

The retreat theme was Son Worshippers. There was an interesting video shown in which the speaker discusses the universe God created and how very small we are in comparison. God is always watching, always there for us, and should be the center of our lives in much the same way the earth rotates around the sun.

My excitement regarding this shot is about the graphics used for the retreat’s theme, which was created by one of our youth ministry coordinators. It is an image of Christ in the center of the sun made to look like a monstrance (p.s. I’m Catholic).

This shot, which I heart very much, was a gift to me that wraps up the retreat’s entire theme. God speaks to us in many ways. For me, sometimes it is through his Word; sometimes it is an inspiration that comes through in my writing and poetry; sometimes it’s just incredibly short glimpses of truly being present in life–surreal moments. Sometimes, He lets me witness and capture really beautiful scenery.

I love my church community. It’s a wonderful place full of great people, and I love knowing how much the youth ministers do to help the kids learn and embrace their faith.

God is good…all the time!

What do you think? Do you like it?

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  1. Christine says:

    LOVE! How perfect! I love how, as often as God seems to hide His face from us, He lets us glimpse Him from time to time in ways that make our head spin!


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