Since starting my photography journey about eight years ago, I take about 99.9% of my shots in Manual mode; however, I thought it might be good to explore other options available to me. Yes, I know how to use them I just prefer having all the control. I have NEVER used scene mode and auto mode rarely—I mean RARELY as the thought disgusts me. Haha!  Anyhoo, always wanting to learn and improve, I am spending some time and thought on Aperture priority right now. It’s always good to know your tools inside and out, right?

Speaking of out…we went out for a walk at the nature preserve to enjoy the wonderful weather this past weekend. It was 60 degrees and we had beautiful sunny skies. Ahhhh, I love Texas. There is no place on earth like it! When we came up on this scene the dried grasses/weeds (also known as natural flowers :)) had a flowy look to them as a trail led up to the tree. I had to get down on ma belly here.

Shot with my 50mm in aperture priority.  ISO 100. Exposed for 1/1500 sec at f4. What shooting mode do you most prefer?

Texas winter

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  1. Great photo! 😀 i prefer manual mode to be honest. Aperture priority, if i’m having trouble getting the right exposure.feel free to checkout some of my pictures if you want 😉

    1. Thanks for checking out my site! This is why I am spending time in Aperture, can’t seem to get this mode down or be content with my exposures which is why I’m always on manual. 🙂 Of course I haven’t really tried until recently.

      1. Yeah its a great mode, and i think i used it for one of my pictures. feel feel to check out my photos although they aren’t as good aha XD

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