I grew up on a “mini” farm. My parents purchased the corner lot adjacent to the home they built. My dad had a huge vegetable garden and several varieties of birds. We even had a pot-bellied pig. I grew up with geese, ducks, doves, chickens,… and pheasants. Dad always wanted a peacock. I recently found out some local residents have a huge plot of land where they keep a lot of dogs, and several peacocks. Five to be exact. Four male, and one female. Here is the female.
I don’t think I have to point out the obvious about women getting the shorthand of the stick? Oops, see what I did? I pointed it out. 😉  She’s a little blurry as I was having to wrestle with all the huge dogs but check out those ragged looking duds. Back to the owners…they’re trying to change the current county law so they can keep their peacocks. When they first built their home it was country and, somehow ten years later, suburbia popped up around them.
So when I found out about my distant neighbors, I HAD to go see their beautiful birds and they were very kind to let me have a look-see. The birds did not disappoint.
Those males were brilliant!! I don’t think I have to point out here that females are suckers for a good lookin’ fella, but what’s a gal to do? This guy was in full beast mode. 😉Brilliant peacock
Let me just say, their colors up close and personal are so vibrant it was LOVE at first sight. Click the photo for a bigger view.
So, I mentioned my dad wanted a peacock but he purchased pheasants instead. Oh, they were very pretty too; I don’t want to give the poor pheasants a bad rap. Since I was thinking of Dad when I went out on my impromptu shoot, I looked at the owner’s phone number pasted on their security box and the last four digits were the exact same as my parent’s! Coincidence? I think not. I think my dad wanted to see some peacocks.

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  1. Bea Navarette says:

    Doodles, those birds were BEAUTIFUL! Great pictures-I loved them! I also love that the owners’ number is the same as mom and dads! Great story.

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