Spring has sprung here in Texas with all of the wonderful textures that come with it rough and soothing. Colors, warmth, softness, grasses, leaves, petals, feathers, and sunshine are all a part of the spring textures I see and feel around me. It feels great to finally be at the beginning of spring after what felt like a long cold winter!

Waking up to the sunshine of spring and hearing the birds chirping, seeing squirrels scurrying along the trees and bunnies hopping makes me feel like I’m in a Disney movie. Haha! Inspired by all that spring has to offer, and with the advantage of my home’s position in the neighborhood, I get to see a nice view of a beautiful Bradford pear tree blossom with white buds. I love the view from our front door.

textured neighborhood scene of a pear tree

This scene right out of my camera was really pretty, but along the lines of spring textures, I wanted to add more color, warmth and interest to it. So I actually applied a texture to the photograph (courtesy of Lost and Taken).

I am playing around with learning new techniques after attending a photography convention last week. There is nothing like being able to view the work of other amazing photographers to gain inspiration and push yourself to the next level! I really enjoyed the painterly effects and textures applied to many pieces because it gives an image that little something extra it needs to make it a really special piece of artwork. I am all about having fun with my images, so, this is my inspiration for the week and I really like it—mostly because I want to capture the warm feeling of sun-shiney happiness my family shares in our home. It’s not always sunshine and happy around here but we do give it go! Isn’t making fond memories what life is all about?

Did you enjoy the first day of spring yesterday? Hope you are basking in warmth right now.

—Angela Navarette Photography

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