I have had a personal blog for many years now where I have gained a small following for my photography and I have decided it is time to move everything over to my main website. I enjoy capturing images daily, either for practice, or just for myself. I am constantly observing my surroundings and enjoying the beauty of life around me. We are here only for the moment and observing how light dances on different objects or even people during the day just makes me want to remember it all the more. That is when I snap the shutter.

For me, my photography is a form of poetry. Originally, when I began blogging it was to journal as I am also a writer. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything profound, but it’s just something I enjoy doing. Gradually, photography has taken the place of writing. It’s a release of my creative mind that I truly enjoy sharing with others. For me, my images are not just pictures, but memories on which I like to reflect. So, I blog about them because the blogesphere is full of others just like me and we enjoy sharing. Going forward, I will post my daily photos on APN Photography’s FB Page through this blog. For those of you that know me personally, I truly love to make people smile, and if one of my images does that on any given day, then I am happy. Also, I don’t usually ramble on because the photos should speak for themselves.

Sometimes it is fun to go back, look through previously captured images and rework them. I took this while on vacation in Florida a few years ago and it’s one of the my favorite images. I was actually walking up to this pelican in an attempt to capture him resting on the beach; however, I got a little too close and scared him off. I knew he was going to take flight any second and quickly lowered the shutter speed to capture the motion of his wings. Even though the beach was somewhat crowded with people that early evening, this moment to me captures the freshness, serenity, and freedom of the beach. I am looking at him and he is looking at me as he takes flight. Sometimes, I wish I could take flight like this too. Don’t you?

taking flight


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