st. elizabeth ann seton parish plano, tx mardi gras

I have been a Seton parishioner since I moved to Plano in the mid 90’s. I have been to several other parishes in the area but Seton has always felt like home to me. It is a wonderful community that has always made me feel so welcome. I guess you can say that I have grown up spiritually at Seton. My hubby and I were married there and it is at Seton where all of our children have received (and are still working towards) their sacraments. My husband and I do what we can to contribute to our church community volunteering, especially with the children as that is where our calling is now—to raise faith-filled, kind, loving people. So, when I was asked to photograph the annual Mardi Gras event, I was honored! It’s a great annual event filled with fun, food, and good times for the entire family.Well, I might have done it for the yummy food…no, I’m sure it was to see the deer-in-the-headlights look on Fr. Chen’s face when he had to hula hoop. 😉

st. elizabeth ann seton parish plano, tx mardi gras

There are so many ministries at Seton that it’s hard for one not to feel welcomed. From Mothers & Others, Children’s and Youth, Prayer Quilt, and various Outreach groups there is a place for everyone.
st. elizabeth ann seton parish, plano, tx mardi gras

After the singing, dancing and festivities were over we went outside for the burning of the palms in preparation for Ash Wednesday. While it is fun to celebrate outside the church, it is even better to celebrate the ceremonies of our faith and Lent is one of my personal favorites because it encompasses everything we believe as Christians. I’m glad I got to experience it with my church elizabeth ann seton parish, plano, tx mardi gras


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