20 Favorite Portraits of the Year

I seriously have no idea where the time went this year but here we are, getting ready to bring in a new year. It’s always nice as an artist to reflect on how far you have come. This year was a wonderful year for Angela Navarette Photography. I enjoyed working with and meeting so many new, wonderful clients. I appreciate every single one of you for helping me to grow as an artist while helping you to enjoy some beautiful timeless keepsakes. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than seeing the joy on your faces from our time spent collaborating together on truly cherished artwork. So, I wanted to share my top 20 favorite portraits of the year …


Shot for competition, inspired by their love of Highland Dancing, I watched a video of Luke and Nolan competing and was completely inspired by their jig! I contacted their mom who is a friend of mine and this piece was born. Titled “Young Lairds” it was the second to the last merit that earned me a merit for my master’s portfolio. I love the studio lighting, the Nolan’s valiant demeanor and how united they are as brothers. #kilts


Joshua, my youngest, came home from school one day all pumped and immediately ran to me and said, “I feel like taking picture.” Very happy to oblige, I stood him next to my floor to ceiling window for natural light, 5 minutes and a few expressions later we had this image. I think it perfectly captures this middle school age of innocence that is on the cusp of maturing into a young teen. I titled this “Boyish Charm” for competition this year. The image loaned and earned me two merits toward my master’s degree. #comingintohisown


Both my children Evelyn and Joshua loaned so of course I wanted my eldest son to merit. We had sessions on three different occasions. I was inspired by another artist’s portrait. This was Jared’s high school senior year. Titled “Dressed to Impress” this print earned my final merit for my master’s degree. I cried for quite a while that all three of my children are a part of my portfolio. I love the fashion look of this image, his confidence, the title, and the short lighting on his profile. #cleansupwell


Evelyn needed a portrait for her volleyball scrapbook but I had an another motive, to complete a set of gallery framed portraits of all three of my children that I now have hanging in my wall. Can you tell I love my children? Captured in the same style as Joshua’s portrait above, it’s just a simple portrait showcasing that gorgeous face. #shelooksnothinglikeme #shehasmyneck


My first family session of the year. This is one of my favorites because to me is simply says, “Mother and child.” I love the Keegan’s gentle and loving look as he clings to his mother. It’s simple and perfect to me. #motherandchild


My first senior session of the year, we had a time of it in freezing cold weather but you would never know it because Yana was so cool. She is all about cars just like her dad. Her truck broke down so she couldn’t drive off to the next location so we made the best of it! While we waited for her dad to come rescue her, we shot this beautiful portrait. FAVE. #reflectionsinblackandwhite


On a quick trip to Chicago with my girl, it rained almost the entire time but it certainly didn’t stop us from sightseeing. On our way to Millennium Park to take a photo of the Bean, I saw her reflection in the wet cement and asked her to turn around. Sometimes the simplest moments make the best memories. #makingmemories


Stacy came to me because she wanted to commemorate her 50th birthday this year. She had a whole birthday cake smash theme which was super fun, and turned out awesome. As you can see, I just love simple portraiture and by the way, she does NOT look 50. She really looks amazing! My clients preview their sessions in a simple slideshow. She was very talkative at the beginning of the show, and by the end she was quiet and I realized she was weeping. She said they made her feel really beautiful. My heart was full. Just a simple, portrait showcasing her beauty. #fiftyandfabulous


One of my favorite family sessions because the location was perfect. I love the pond, the hair light, and their smiles. I wanted to capture this young family with the light from the sunset behind them and the gorgeous scenery. A relaxed happy pose of a great family we met on a trip to Destin, Florida years ago when they were pregnant with Kate, and we are practically neighbors! I FINALLY got to meet little Kate and get her to smile on the last shot I took with her!! #nailedit


Flew to El Paso for a quick visit, it happened to be Eloisa’s prom night. We took some portraits of her while waiting on her date to arrive…in a limo. He brought chocolates for the parents. Great move. I love this for the beautiful Rembrandt lighting, the highlights in her hair, her comfortable elegant style, and that is in her living room. What a stunning in home portrait and sweet memory for her parents in their own beautiful home. #promnight


Chris was one of my seniors this year. His mom swore up and down he wouldn’t like getting his portraits taken, but in the end, we were laughing together. I love how this image showcases his love of band, his direct demeanor, and his confidence. He is in college now and doing well!  #seniorclass


An image from the State Fair on an outing with friends. I didn’t want to take photos of food, AGAIN. I challenged myself to take portraits of people, by the end of the day, I had taken photos of nothing but the people who work daily to make the State Fair of Texas happen. Love this for the atmosphere, her glasses, that smile and she is just too cool. #bigtex


I took a film class down in Deep Ellum. We spent the day walking around with two models and looking for inspiration. I took this image with my father’s old Mamiya 35mm on black triX400 film. Shot, developed, and printed by your’s truly. No idea if it would turn out but watching it come to life from negatives was like unwrapping a Christmas present. #filmisnotdead


Alexis was one of my senior girls this year. We had a fun time. I love this portrait because it is a pensive moment showcasing her stunning and flawless beauty. I love the wind blowing through her hair, the light in her eyes and the complimenting colors of this image. She is thriving at A&M. #gigem


On a quick trip home to visit my mom and sister in El Paso, just before we went out, I prepared Mom for a mini portrait session. I always like to photograph her when I see her. Taken in her backyard, the light is just perfect there under the covered patio. I chose her green blouse, complimenting jewelry, both to go with the green jasmine growing behind her on her patio. I love her elegance, ease, and the smile in her eyes that make her look so youthful. #momma


Vika came to me for her mom’s birthday. This session was a planned surprise present for her mother. We drove around downtown Plano looking for spots and almost got run off at this location. Haha! It is my favorite from the session. I love the leading lines, the ivy, how her blouse is complimented by the background and we are led to her eyes. A simple portrait showcasing yet another beauty.


I met Patrick at the beginning of the year. When we met again in November, but I almost didn’t recognize him because he slimmed down quite a bit from all the sports he plays! I love this portrait because he looks so cool and casual. Love how the greens in his jacket, the lamp post, and the background play with his red hair. #jamesdean


Mary and her boys had family portraits taken in November. Whenever I do family portraits, I make sure to take individual portraits of everyone. Mary looks amazing. What I love about this portrait is that she is looking off into the distance with the sunlight shining on the back of her hair, the columns and ivy leading you into her beautiful face. She is a wonderful mom to her boys, and I think sometimes, we mom’s don’t get an opportunity enough to showcase our beauty! She is such a sweet lady, and here you can see her sense of fashion and elegance. #elegantwoman


This portrait almost didn’t happen. Originally scheduled for a different location, we finally coordinated and made it to this spot I had been on another session at days prior. What a great family! The colors were amazing and they are all so laid back and fun to be around. The gorgeous red hair of the their sweet kids, you can really see the love they all share. So, what makes it a fave? Location, location, location, casual style, complimentary colors with a pop. #family


The Davis family at the very end of the fall color captured in Prairie Creek Park. These guys are close, I can tell by the way mom and sister interacted with him. I loved how playful they are and so willing to hang out together. Sunlit hair, beautiful lighting, easy natural look showcasing two young siblings. #sunlitfallcolor


My last session of the year at this family’s beautiful estate. One of my favorite family portraits. Truly a generational portrait that will make a lasting keepsake. #timelesskeepsakes.

Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer. I’m looking forward to continued growth in the new year and sharing more wonderful moments with you!

Happy New Year!

Angela P. Navarette, Certified Pro Photographer | Angela Navarette Photography, Plano, TX

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