I spent Sunday taking family portraits at the Dallas Arboretum for a small corporate event. It was so much fun. Not only was working with these precious famlies fun, it was even more exciting to turn around and hand them printed keepsakes immediately before heading off to enjoy the camaraderie of the Vilfordi brothers. They were so excited to receive their printed portraits!

The Vilfordi brothers.

We had a quick mini session with each family who sat in front of my camera. The day was sunny at the Dallas Arboretum, the breeze was cool, and it was the perfect setting for family portraits. I photograph several events throughout the year, and portraiture is, of course, my favorite. I worked with The Vilfordi brothers—Alex, Aaron, and Adam—to help make their client appreciate event a memorable one for the families they serve. What a precious gift of appreciation, the gift of family portraiture. It was a pleasure working with everyone!


Family Portraits

Here are some of the family portraits from The Vilfordi Group‘s appreciation event.


[pp_gallery id=”5488″ style-id=”602bacc6-399c-4932-85c2-f4a76188f8e9″] 

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