A spontaneous family session for 4 on the beach during a very short girl’s trip to Santa Rosa, Florida made the trip even more special!

Ohhh the waters were gorgeous and warm and it was so fun to get away. The last night there, portraits were a must to capture the memories of my sister, daughter, and niece.

Family Session for 4 on the Beach
A quick trip to the beach with my girls; Plano Family Photographer; family portraits by Angela Navarette, M. Photog.,CPP

Family Session for 4 on the Beach

On the way, we ran into a beautiful family of 4. Seeing my equipment, Dad immediately asked if I was a photographer. They began to tell me their story. Visiting from Illinois, they were experiencing a fabulous beach vacation on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Their youngest daughter expressed wanting real professional portraits on the beach to remember her family because “I just love them so much!” It was their last night and mom and dad thought it impossible to book a session with a professional photographer. “Surprise! I am a professional photographer and yes, I want to help you make this trip even more special by taking your portraits!” What is better than doing something I love so much? Mom told me it was like a “God moment” for them that we met. It was such a fun experience. Here are just two of their favorite family photographs ordered as a canvas and the other a fine art print.

Family Session for 4 on the Beach at Santa Rosa, Florida on the emerald coast.
Family of 4 beach session at Santa Rosa, Florida on the Emerald Coast by Angela Navarette, M.Photog., CPP
Family Session for 4 on the Beach at Santa Rosa, Florida on the Emerald Coast with sea grass and ocean waters on white sandy beach.
Family of 4 beach session at Santa Rosa, Florida on the emerald coast with sea grass and ocean waters on a white sandy beach by Angela Navarette, M.Photog., CPP.

How Do I Display My Portraits?

After returning home, we reconnected quickly. I had mom send me a photograph of their wall space for her to see exactly how she could display her canvas portraits. There are no guessing games here. Yes, you can see exactly what your portraits will look like in your home, with all your decor, in perfect proportions so you do not have to try to visualize it in your head; I do that for you showing your beautiful family session on your walls!

Family Session for 4 on the Beach sample canvas collection
Look at options for your favorite family photographs scaled to size and on display in your home while you order so there is no question how they will look!

Kind Words

When all the artwork and printing was complete, everything shipped directly to them; their fine art print on beautiful cotton rag; their four canvases and all their gift prints to share with their family. They even received the social media files to share online.

Kind Words from satisfied clients at Angela Navarette Photography
Kind Words from a Family Session after receiving their ordered artwork to display in their home.

I was so happy to hear how much they value their investment for their beautiful family; a celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary and for their beautiful girls. They will treasure these for many years. It’s so great to make families happy!

Want to see more family sessions? See the family portraits portfolio. When was the last time you took your portraits and had a family session? Schedule one today!

Angela Navarette, M.Photog., CPP,

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