Tween pictures that capture the heart of their youth. We stopped at a skate park on an overnight trip so my oldest son could enjoy a new to him skate park. He likes to visit new parks when given the chance to experience the variety. It is amazing to see his fearlessness; making huge leaps while propelling himself forward on hard concrete…ah youth!

tween skater boy jumping the stairs

This is a composite of a series of shots of my tween performing an ollie over some stairs. The photo does not do the height of the stairs justice. He landed it on his third try. Amazing. It’s fun to look back on these pictures and see the hobbies and interests that make their spirit today. It’s equally joyful to me to see how much he believed in himself in order even attempt jumping that staircase. You can see on the left side of the image above that he was talking to himself and considering what he was about to do. Every time he looks at this image, he can look back on it and understand that he is blessed with every ability to conquer his dreams. Your child is too! Pictures, action shots, and portraits tell our stories daily and remind us of who we once were and where our future takes us. This tween is as fearless as ever and continues to fearlessly work toward his dreams. I have little doubt that he will accomplish them.

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