Pet portraits are important too. Equally as important as capturing your human loved ones.

I lost my sweet tuxedo cat, Chaplin, who was with me for 20 years. He passed away this past December. I went out of my way to make sure that I took many pictures of him because I knew that one day he would leave us. I have my favorite which clearly shows how close we were to each other.

I never thought our family would be welcoming a new pet into our family so soon, however, I feel so lucky that we did as he fills our house with so much joy. I look at him, say his name and every time think of our cat, Chaplin. It feels wrong to call him a pet, and I know many pet lovers out there  consider their furry babies to be their children. I know I do!

Don’t forget to include your furry babies in your portraits. To capture them in their own portrait will be a blessing to your family later on in life. The joy our pets bring us, the moments of calm and pure unconditional love are so priceless—just as priceless as the love we feel for our human babies and loved ones. How can you not consider having a sweet keepsake of remembrance?

This is my new baby, and I am sooooooooo in love. My heart is overfilled with joy every time I see him he just makes me melt!

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Don’t forget, pets are people too! Haha. Have a wonderful weekend!

—Angela Navarette Photography

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  1. Bea Navarette says:

    I just love your kitty pics as well as the pictures you took of my Buddy and Dylan!! I will be needing pet portraits in June!!

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