Shadow of a Family on Allen City Hall Building

I have mentioned before that I do like to go back to older photographs and rework them especially if I am trying new processing techniques. This happens to be a favorite photo of mine. It looks more like artwork because I added some textures to it. This is a young family I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of years ago. We finished our session and as we were walking back to our cars, I notice their shadows cast upon the wall. Hey, I’m not done until I’m done. 😉

I love this photo. I used it in print competition and actually won an award for a similar version of it at my local photography guild. This print holds the distinct honor of being my very first win ever! It set me on a course that increased my desire even more (is that possible?) to soak up every bit of knowledge I can regarding photography, post-processing, and printing.

Print competition is very interesting. A photographer learns SO much going through the process. Aside from lighting, composition, and creativity (and 9 other elements a photographer has to think about), you have to deliver your image with a good title. So, I love photography, you know that, and I still do write on occasion. In my search for a title for this particular print I actually ended up writing a small poem for it. Coming up with titles for print competition, to me, is the most difficult part of the entire process. I couldn’t seem to capture in four words how this photograph made me feel and what I was thinking about it. Instead, I wrote a poem about it. I still don’t think the title’s that great either but I do like my poem. Haha! I hope you do to and I hope that it reminds everyone to get those pictures OFF your computers and to print them. Life goes by so fast. Enjoy!!

Shadow of a Family

In the shadow of a family cast upon a wall,
A precious moment captured in the sunset of the fall.

Young family, hurried days that blur one into the other,
Parents are their babies world; strong father, nurturing mother.

Sweet children cry, squeal, and run with such a verve for life.
Laughter, smiles, and glee shown in simple delights…

Their souls in stillness forever etched, though time slips away,
The shadows of a family; a token remnant of the day.

Creative family portraiture - plano photographer, shadow of a family

—Angela Navarette Photography

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