Summertime Family Portraits

Summertime family portraits for my friends Glenn and Sumar were taken in Plano at St. Andrew’s. The light was so sweet, it was truly a golden hour and even though it was super hot, they look super cool. I met the Blands on vacation years ago at the beach in Destin so it is a wonderful thing to be able to catch up and see how their family has grown over the years. I also got to meet their youngest whom I kinda met when her momma was pregnant with her. How times have changed! Today they are working very hard on their business, Benchmark Electrical, and enjoying watching their beautiful children grow.

As a Dallas family portrait photographer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sweet light, a beautiful family, and a wonderful relationship that builds over the years. I love capturing these precious moments for you!!

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I know you’ll enjoy your beautiful portraits for years to come. See more families in the gallery.

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