Birth photography. It was supposed to be the labor, and capturing the expressions of love, joy, the moment, but it turned out to be the moments after because he had arrived on the scene before I could. Haha!  I drove so fast I was shaking when I got there!

I had the honor of photographing this bundle of joy yesterday morning.

{Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. -Henry Ward Beecher}
baby birth
He was a little late, but when he decided to make his entrance he was ready! After mom and dad arrived at the birthing center, in less than 30 minutes he burst into the world. It took me that long to get there. Nonetheless, I got to capture his very first feeding, some snuggling with momma, and his grandmother cutting his umbilical cord. I did get some expressions of love on camera too. I am deeply honored that I was allowed to be there for these precious moments.

Warmest congratulations! ~Angela Navarette Photography

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  1. Bea Navarette says:

    How wonderful!!

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