“Get dolled up and let’s go play.”

That was my text to my GORGEOUS neighbor, Robyn. Because sometimes I just want to practice. Because my teacher, Tony, told me to take time out at least once a week to go and just have fun with my camera. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather take pictures of than this beautiful woman. She is a sassy, frassy, wonderful mom to three and can you believe she is a grandmother?! Even when she claims to look like “hell” she always looks fresh and lovely.

We spent an afternoon out at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, one of my favorite places to play. Of course it was hot out, but doesn’t she look cool? I absolutely adore her, even when she is sticking her tongue out at me. I have about six other poses with her sticking her tongue out at me and it wouldn’t be a photo session with Robyn unless she did. I love her. I enjoy drinking coffee with her, just hanging out and chatting, texting her to ask if my outfit looks ok (because every girl needs a sista), and I am soooo glad we are friends because we get to do fun stuff like this together.

Every woman, should get dolled up, and go play. Why? Because, you DESERVE to be captured at your very best, having fun, so that you can remember who you were when you were sassy, frassy, young, sweet, beautiful, and just enjoying life. Your children deserve to see you, in print, looking this gorgeous too. Yes, like Robyn, you oughta be in pictures.

Robyn, you are too beautiful for words. I had so much fun. Thanks, honey!

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