Texas Senior Pictures Session in Historic Downtown El Paso

If you are wondering, yes, will travel to take your beautiful senior pictures! Texas Senior Pictures Session in downtown El Paso? Yes, please!

Ashley’s family brought me in to give her the ultimate experience. We had a super fun senior photo session in the beautiful historic downtown El Paso (a.k.a. the Sun City). Oh, there were SO many wonderful places to use as backdrops and so many opportunities for awesomeness and we took full advantage of the scenery.

Finding the Right Photographer

You know, I was told this senior gal was looking forward to her session because she really wanted some nicely lit photos especially after a not so great experience from her quinceanera. It is so important when you are looking to commission a photographer, to find someone whose work you love, with whom you connect, and that knows how their craft. Whether it is available light or by adding a touch of off-camera lighting using strobes (both used in this session) you really want that certainty of having a beautiful outcome. When you spend so much effort planning for locations, timing, and wardrobe, you deserve to have your expectations exceeded. It’s truly my hope to provide the best service to my clients. You should look and feel special!

Texas Senior Pictures Session in downtown El Paso at Union Plaza
Senior girl in front of a rustic door surrounded by stone; in full sun; and on a staircase in El Paso.

We spent our time walking around several locations in downtown El Paso for these photos. There are so many wonderful textures, colors, and backgrounds that make this session so much to love for me. I enjoyed used the sun’s hard light to capture some favorite images with this senior girl’s sunglasses and her Texas boots!

Texas Senior Pictures Session in historic downtown El Paso
Horizon high school senior girl with her cheerleading megaphone and at San Jacinto Plaza.

Reflections, flower blossoms, desert willows, cheerleading megaphones, confetti, boots, letter jackets, pigeons, and cap and gown! We got it all in these high school senior photos. Everything is bigger in Texas. Go big or go home!

Texas Senior Pictures Session in historic downtown El Paso area
Historic downtown El Paso makes a great setting for Texas senior picture sessions.

Want more?

See more of Ashley’s session!

Angela Navarette lives in Plano and serves clients in the communities of Plano, Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Garland, Richardson and even as far west as El Paso, Texas, her hometown. Interested in a Texas senior portraits session? Book today.

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