“My kid is graduating high school this year! When’s the best time to schedule senior pictures? How does this work? Where I do go? Help!” 

best time schedule senior pictures
Senior Portraits in Deep Ellum Dallas Texas.

Mom, dad, no worries. I have been where you are twice now! The time sneaks away from us as parents. One minute you are worried about dropping them off at their kindergarten classroom, and the next you are preparing for college tours and SAT exams. Senior year is a milestone occasion for both parent and child and hopefully, one where you can be in the moment with your son or daughter to enjoy.

From athletics to band or theatre, to homecoming and prom, right up until you get your cap and gown and the big day is here, it’s all a whirlwind!

“I’m overwhelmed who do I pick?”

Senior year officially begins the summer that junior year ends. So to answer the question, it’s not too soon toward the end of junior year to begin researching photographers, both in style and personality and find the best time to schedule senior pictures for YOU.

best time to schedule senior pictures, sunset overlook mckinney texas
Blonde Senior girl in letterman jacket with blue sky behind

Find someone you feel a connection to for this special occasion, who guides you through the entire process. You’ll want to discuss things like location, your senior’s personality, their interests, wardrobe and even how you plan to display your portraits after the session.

best time to schedule senior pictures, prom pictures
Senior prom in studio

“The Holiday’s are Coming!”

With all the activities that take place during senior year, the best advice I can provide is that summer is not too soon to schedule senior portraits. Your young adult will most likely have way less on their plate during summer, or even at the start of the school year up to October before the holidays hit. Scheduling early provides time to plan ahead and enjoy the experience.

Watters Creek Allen, Texas

“But they change so much during the year!”

Yes, they will change, but the great news is, you can always come back for a quick, Boomerang session to capture things like prom attire, cap and gowns, college acceptance letters, or even a hairstyle changes!

“That was so easy!”

best time to schedule senior pictures, cap and gown
Cap and Gown Boomerang Session

Every senior parent I have worked with tells me the same thing, “that was so easy and fun! Thank you!” Senior year is all about documenting the fun incredible year where our kids are on their way into adulthood. We are documenting a time in their lives that is like no other, and gifting them with memories you both can enjoy when they leave home for college; memories they can pass on to their children to show who they were during their younger years. What a wonderful way to remember their senior year!

Interested in learning more? Read more about what to expect or if you’re ready, schedule your senior session.

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