Congratulations Senior Class

Congratulations senior class! You did it! There are just a couple of weeks left in this school year and it went by oh so fast. We are preparing to have one of our own leave the nest so our family knows full well the excitement, the pride, joy, and bittersweet moments we will all share soon as we send our babies off to college.; 972-375-8247; Plano Senior Photographer; senior pictures

Seniors, you have worked hard, but the work is just beginning. I hope you find your passions, meet wonderful new people, and have exceptional experiences as you set off to find who you are and who you will become in the near future. God bless and keep each of you safe as you begin this phase of your journey in life.

Much love!

—Angela P. Navarette
Certified Professional Photographer
Angela Navarette Photography, Plano, TX

P.S. It’s not to late to book a quick session to capture your senior or better yet, entire family before your senior heads off to college.

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