Heyyyy! I am an award-winning Dallas Senior Photographer y’all! Sound impressive? It’s no big deal really. Lots of us photographers like to see what we are made of and continue our growth by entering print competition annually. It keeps us creative and continually trying to expand our love of the craft by growing our skill sets. I seriously always strive to do my best with the work provided to my clients and to have fun as we work together. The competition season just wrapped up and I am now able to share those images with everyone, but in truth, everyone has already seen them. We really just have to keep them on the down-low lest judges accidentally see them and have to disqualify themselves from giving a score. I’m rambling really. Here are my award-winning images. I’m proud that I can produce quality work for my clients. It makes me happy to make you happy. 🙂

OK, I titled this post, “award-winning SENIOR photographer.” I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a bird, not a high school senior.” Well, you know, sometimes we photogs go on vacation and like to shoot nature and landscape images. I absolutely love the beach. I want to live there. I rose very early this morning in Panama City Beach, Florida and headed down the pier. This is a 1.3-second exposure to capture the motion of the waves rolling in softly and to make the reflections feel like glass. I love it so much. The print is gorgeous. Did I mention that I print all my own competition pieces? It makes me so happy to print. This piece is on Moab by Legion Paper, Entrada Rag Bright. It looks like a painting, but it’s not, it’s just a long exposure on rich cotton paper. The bird might actually be senior though, who is contemplating life in his or her Morning Reflections.

Morning Reflections by Angela Navarette (PPA International Print Competition Excellent Category) 

This next image is a portrait of my oldest son taken when he was, in fact, a high school senior. He is actually a senior in college now! I had just purchased this suit for him and I am all about the high school seniors getting dressed up because they look so handsome and beautiful!! I could not take enough photos of my boy in this suit. He loved to play the ukulele back then and so, I put the two together and we have Ukulele Blues. He looks dejected, doesn’t he? For competition pieces, you need to have an impact and tell stories. So, I guess he is sad about his ukulele. LOL. I don’t know, but it’s always been a favorite image of mine. Also printed on Moab by Legion Paper, Lasal Exhibition Luster. I l.o.v.e. the Exhibition Luster.

Ukulele Blues by Angela Navarette (PPA International Print Competition Merit Category)

These next two pieces were fun to create. I may have embellished the awards by like 6-7 but I did it for the fun of creating! We had fun working on this together. This young lady truly is #winning and playing volleyball on a full ride at Texas A&M Corpus Christie. Her images are winning too! What a fantastic model. These were entered at the Senior Youth National Conference a.k.a. SYNC.

Award winning Dallas Senior Photographer. Texas senior photographer Angela Navarette
#WINNING by Angela Navarette (SYNC Award of Excellence)

BT DUBS, we also created these for her and you can see the original image of the above piece…

Senior girl with volleyball awards.

Lastly, we took this one on her outdoor session in downtown McKinney. Super love.

College Bound Cutie by Angela Navarette (SYNC Award of Excellence)

Well, enough about me. Taking portraits is all about you. I’m just trying my best to make sure it’s done right! Always happy to work with you and very grateful too.

See more photographic competition work. Would you like to book a senior session? I’d love to work with you!



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