Senior Prom Portraits

Senior prom portraits. All dressed up and someplace to go well you know it really is a vanity fair so why not a high fashion photo session that belongs in a magazine? It’s not every day you get dressed up in a fitted double-breasted suit or a sequined dress. These seniors looked gorgeous, felt like a million bucks and played their roles well. Ah to be young again! We took a few fun portraits in the studio and they really had fun acting out their parts and looking cool. I know they enjoyed their evening out. It’s the last dance of their high school senior year!  The time sure does go by fast during senior year, remember to capture your young adult before they head off to college. Book a session today.

—Angela Navarette, M.Photog., CPP, Plano Texas

Senior Prom Portraits #vanityfair #seniorprom Senior Prom Portraits #vanityfair #seniorprom  Senior Prom Portraits #vanityfair #seniorpromSenior Prom Portraits #vanityfair #seniorprom


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