Plano Spring Time Senior Portraits. I love working with high school seniors both outdoors and in the studio. We usually spend a little time discussing your senior’s interests, activities, and future goals. It helps me as the photographer so that I can truly gauge who your senior is and do my best for parents to capture their personality on camera.

This young lady’s Plano Spring time senior portraits on a cool afternoon was a fun session. Initially, we were in downtown McKinney, but as we headed home, I just had to stop at this location. Every spring, I pass a tree that stands, literally, on the edge of a creek between two parallel neighborhoods. There is no other way to get here than to go through one of the neighbor’s yards. We drove the car into the neighborhood and got as close as we could and then I rang the doorbell and was kindly greeted by the homeowner who gave me the OK to take my subject down and work by the creek.

The blossoming fuchsia crepe myrtle became the perfect spot for this beautiful senior girl sitting pretty in pink. Originally intended for competition, this piece is titled, “He Loves Me Not.”

I love the water’s reflections, her pensive glance, and how her dress coordinates with the vibrant blossoms of the tree. We had a lot of fun working together, and it was work for the both of us because it was very chilly but you would never know it looking at her. Look how beautiful she is sitting so elegantly beneath the tree as if in some English countryside. Printed on fine art linen paper, this is truly a one of a kind keepsake for both her and her family to enjoy.

Plano Spring Time Senior Portraits. Plano Senior Photographer. Angela Navarette
Plano Spring Time Senior Portraits. Plano Senior Photographer. Angela Navarette

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