Bronze Medalist – International Photographic Competition.

So excited to share some beautiful portraiture of our clients (and one of my precious cat, Charlie) that earned awards at the International Photographic Competition this year. It is a long process going through competition to get to this last stage, but I’m so happy for the opportunity to create with you and to deliver some wonderful imagery that you can cherish for many years to come.

“A Bronze Medalists earns a merit—a mark of quality and honor—for each of the four images included in the entry case to the International Photographic Competition. This is the most prestigious competition of its kind, where images are judged by a panel of over 40 eminent jurors from across the United States. It is based on a standard of artistic excellence, not against each other.”

It’s important for me to learn about you so that when we have our sessions, I am creating something that tells your story. So, little details about you, your family, your interests, and your personality traits are helpful for me to create photographic art that speaks about your lives. The following portraits are studio works that were each professionally printed and mounted by me, on gorgeous fine art papers. The digital imagery is nice, but the prints are to die for. Seeing yourself in print is a magical magical thing and it is why I strive to create timeless keepsakes for you. It’s like Christmas every day in your home!

Below is Abby the violinist; Maddie before prom; Vincent whose hobby is fencing; and Charlie who always waits by the door wondering if I’m coming back. The goal for competition is to learn and grow my skills to provide you beautiful, creative, and artistic portraits. I just want to tell your stories. Thank you so much for letting me.

See more competition pieces.

 Bronze medalist, Angela Navarette, Plano Photographer;
Bronze Medalist, Angela Navarette 972-375-8247; Plano Family Photographer; Fine Art Portraiture; Portrait Artist



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