I got Chaplin during my junior year in college. I moved shortly after graduating with my B.B.A. and when finally getting on my own two feet, my fur baby joined me. We had our first apartment. Life was new and exciting.

Chaplin getting scratched in just the right spot.

I was just starting out and always with strong work ethic, stayed very late many nights to finish working on my projects. When I returned home, Chaplin would basically stalk me and attack my leg. It was kind of funny, but it hurt me! I knew he was mad because he wasn’t used to being alone all day. In that sense, he was a little Hitler! And he looked like it too when his ears went back and he was ready to pounce, stalking me like his prey. Thinking about it now makes me grin and laugh.

Looking mean playing with string.

It wasn’t long after we moved that I met my husband and we were starting a new journey together–starting our family. When we moved into our home it was nice for Chaplin to be able to go outside for a bit, not long, but just long enough to enjoy some fresh air or chew on some grass. Occasionally he’d be out at night chasing bunnies or mice and bring his offerings to me outside the bathroom window. When a cat brings you a gift you know you are loved.

Curling up for a nap.

Eventually, Chaplin quit going outside for more than minutes at a time. He was content to be indoors laying on the sofa with us, snuggling up with my hubby on his warm belly, and hanging out with his human siblings. There would also be a period of time when I would grow jealous because I would do everything for Chaplin, but he would only want to be loved and pet by my husband! However, it made happy to see the love they shared. I especially enjoyed when he would jump on the bed to curl up beside me so I could rub his soft furry belly while we watched TV.

Chaplin and J seeing eye to eye.

My children loved him and treated him well because Chaplin treated them well. As my kids grew they began taking care of him, helping to feed him, brush him, and snuggle with him on the sofa. Chaplin has always had an aloof personality. He loves you, wants you to love him, maybe he’ll let you pet him, nooooo I don’t think so. So when he jumped up to be with me or the kids and lay down with us or sit on our laps, it was really special. They were moments I cherished because he was so independent but always a part of the family…

I want some too, Mom.
Giving me kisses in the morning.

One more post on my sweet kitty…

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  1. Bea Navarette says:

    Little Chappie-you are and have been so well loved. You special little fur baby-I am praying for you.

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