Digital Images or Prints?

{On CDs, DVDs, and USBs of Your Precious Portraits}

Digital Images or Prints. Did you know that CDs and DVDs are considered to only have a 5 year shelf life after which they can become corrupt and lose data? Did you know that USB cards, flash drives and jump drives are even worse because they go bad regularly and when you need your file it may be too late? Hard drives are nice but unless you back up regularly which most people don’t, you’ll almost surely lose your data. Do you know the ONE thing that will stay with you for generations to come? A print…from a professional lab with quality inks on archival paper, just like this photo of my father that was found in his storage shed 60 years later that was out in the heat and cold, and looks pretty immaculate and awesome.

professional prints, quality ink, archival paper lifetimes of memories, digital images or prints
Memories of my father, while in Europe, toting his camera gear that MY children can appreciate…PRICELESS.


Make your cherished memories last with what is tried and true.


 — Angela, Angela Navarette Photography, Plano, TX Photographer


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