Fresh New Look. I have been working so hard to update my website and blog and now, I am also on Google+! I have been wanting to update everything for a while now and finally did it. It really is an attempt to show my latest work and how I have grown this past year as a photographer. I really have grown, and I am grateful to so many people who have influenced me this past year and to everyone, really, who has encouraged me and supported me from the moment that I decided I would put all my energies and efforts into photography.

Thankful and grateful to my husband most of all for always encouraging me and truly supporting my photography habit. I love you so much. Grateful to all my family, Child 1, 2, and 3, Mom, Doodles, Big Brudda, My Bro Foolio, Seismic Shari, and Sue-Sue-Suedio, Mr. Light and of course all my lovely nieces and nephews.

I am grateful to Scott & Janet who even put the thought in my head that I had any inkling of talent and are always there for me! <3 Christine, my first paying customer—that you even considered to pay me blew my mind. That encouragement meant the world to me, my friend. Laura & Susie, you guys are always boosting me up forever in so many ways—I love you my SICAs. ALL my photog besties–the 6 Chics Click…I am SO glad we met at Texas School! My friend, Pam, whom I have never even met face to face, you inspire me in so many ways!! Today’s picture, inspired by you! I love your help and support. <3  My cousin-siblings Liz, Mario & Pam, Vero, Eddie & Janelle, Tia Chavela, Carsmelly, again, I love you guys. Every bit of encouragement I receive from you fills my heart. Edward you have mentored me and pushed me to be better and alway ask—”Where’s the story?”—I could NOT have improved this past year without you. <3 To my friend, Dan, you are the man and you make me laugh and are one of the most helpful people I know. To all the DPPA peeps and judges, I love getting critiqued because it makes me think and want to be better. Joining the Dallas PPA was the best decision I ever made!

Fresh New Look APN Photography
All things new

I know there are so many people who have helped me along the way and I will never be able to list everyone, but I just wanted to give a big shout out to say thank you. From the bottom of my heart and with that now show you how much I hope I have improved with my updated body of work. I hope that you enjoy the new look on my website, blog, Facebook, and now Google+.

Much love,

—Angela, APN Photography

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  1. I WANT A PRINTED COPY OF THIS PIC WITH THIS QUOTE ON IT!! It will go perfectly in my home!!

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