It’s been a while since I have actually written serious thoughts down. I used to blog a ton prior to taking on the task of having my own photography business. I enjoy writing down inspired thoughts on what seem to be rare occasions these days and I’d like to share something I wrote years ago for my mom’s 70th birthday. It’s one of my favorites and reminiscent of one my Dad wrote that you can read further along in this post.

By Angela Navarette, 2007

To think of all the years gone by
it’s hard to believe it now.
Time passes while you blink and then
the moments are gone somehow.

A heart can overflow with the
love and gifts life brings.
When it nurtures friends and family
God makes it want to sing…

With memories of happiness that
are ours to keep and cherish.
It returns the moments time steals away
and when shared will never perish.

I was recently asked why I like to do photography so much, to which I responded that I enjoy observing things most people wouldn’t think twice to look at, which has some truth to it, as we photographers do. But the truth is I am doing it to connect with my past, my roots (tapping into those creative Navarette genes). To be able to share moments with my family and friends for future story telling, and also to be able to do it for others who cannot. It’s our history that’s being documented, you know? Anyway, the weather is probably making me gooey and my Joshie is studying poetry, so it’s nice to go back and read lovely sentiments and view old family photographs. I’m just sharing a piece of who I am with my friends. Hope you don’t mind. This is one of my all time favorites written by my dad and that I consider so poignant.

Precious Moments
by Joseph Navarette Jr., 1977

How difficult it is to think
of moments of the past.
so precious and enriching;
hoping they’d forever last.

These moments are as treasures
that are rarely ever had.
When they’re over for a time,
then the heart becomes so sad.

It’s important to begin,
when you’re out of touch for now,
to relive these precious moments
in your heart and mind, somehow

How rich one is and little knows
when these moments are at hand.
Then they’re suddenly a memory,
So fond! So deep! So grand!

It’s nice to sit with your thoughts in quiet meditation. It’s so nice to pick up old books of photographs of a life we once knew or even to learn about our history before we began living our own. There is nothing I treasure more than reminiscing with my mom, my siblings, my children, and my extended family. Such great stories we share! Tell your stories. Talk to your family. Remember each other.


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