Plano Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer, Angela Navarette.

Several years ago I began a journey and did not even realize it. I joined my professional photographer associations to connect with like-minded individuals as a way to grow in my craft. Aside from the wonderful friendships I made, I gained so much more than I ever imagined. When I first began learning, friends took notice of my “photographer’s eye” and began asking me to take their portraits, so in order to do it right, I went to professional photographer school…many times. I immersed myself in the world of photography and soaked up every bit of knowledge available to me. I knew how to operate my camera fully, but I did not fully understand the art of photography.

It is an art and as I made my way further into the journey, I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. I learned my photography style, how to teach others, how to be supportive.  I learned to be strong, to let go of my fears, to be confident and giving. I learned to take constructive criticism to improve, to let go, and to take risks. Most importantly, I learned how to work with others to bring out their very best. I learned to bring out each individual’s  beauty by focusing on their stories.

Portraiture is my favorite type of photography. Aside from being able to capture the lighting, or even to create it, and working in various settings, I try really hard to get my subjects to let their guard down as it is necessary to sincerely capture them. Sometimes, it is really difficult. Everyone feels some apprehension in front of the lens. I know, I too have been there. But then in between the sighs of relief, there are those split-second moments, and it happens…a genuine smile, a pensive look, just one moment of truth…

That truth that tells me over and over during session reveals,

“I have never felt beautiful until now.”

“THAT’S my girl.”

“There’s his look I have seen so many times before…”

“Oh I love this picture of us, that’s who we are.”

plano master photographer Plano Children's Photographer
plano master photographer captures mother and daughter in black and white studio portraits
Plano Master Photographer; family portraits at St. Andrews Church
Family photographer at St. Andrew’s by Plano Master Photographer
plano master photographer
Senior Photographer of Plano West graduate by Plano Master photographer

Hearing those affirmations, feeling a sense of accomplishment because you trusted me to deliver and then seeing your joy when I do—that is what keeps me moving forward to strive to learn more about being a photographer every single day. It’s one thing to be able to release the camera’s shutter. It’s another to capture someone’s spirit. Yes, I know how to use my camera, how to light, how to select the right backgrounds that go with your wardrobe, and how to pose you to make you look your best because I have been studying all of those techniques for well over ten years. But all of those things are only great in combination with being able to put someone at ease making them comfortable enough to capture who they are, revealing why they are loved by friends and family. ~Angela

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