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As an artist, it is very exciting to see your work published, let alone for a piece that tells the story of your child’s family history.

My husband is Lakota Sioux, and I know how proud his family is of their rich history. As my daughter grew older I began to see how much she inherited the physical traits of her Native American ancestors; she looks so much like her father. I wanted to capture her beauty in a simple portrait that portrayed their great history.

The portrait was easy, but telling her story was not. I set aside her portrait for almost two months while, like writing a poem or a short story, I contemplated how best to present it. During that time I took pictures of feathers, looked for photos from our visit to the family reservation in South Dakota, and visited the Dallas Arboretum where I found something similar to a dreamcatcher. To add even more meaning to this keepsake, I had my daughter wear turquoise jewelry handcrafted for me by my father when I was her age.Angela P Navarette, "They Call Me Little Feather"

When I finally sat down to put all the elements together, the final image actually left me shaking. A portrait truly inspired by the beauty of her rich ancestry and family ties; a composite encapsulating the story of a young girl’s heritage that to me feels just like a poem.

Very grateful to be representing in this month’s Texas Professional Photographers magazine. Lucky to showcase among some of Texas’ best photographers and doubly so to pass this sweet portrait on to future generations.



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