What size prints should I order? Hmmmmm, I’m not sure…

Before going out and having fun in a photography session, it is best to think about how you plan to display your beautiful portraits. Do you have a special spot in your home that you are looking to fill with portraiture, like over the fireplace? Maybe you want to display a collection of portraits over your sofa, as you go up your staircase, or even in your hallway or bedroom? Perhaps you only want to have a few framed portraits on your table tops to scatter around the house to make it feel more homey.

If you hang art in your home and don’t need any wall portraits, there is still an option for you, an album is the perfect way to enjoy all your favorites from your session and a great family heirloom to pass on to your children.

Many people are very undecided about what size print they should order mainly because they really aren’t aware about sizing and how they will really look on display in their home. Honestly, the best thing to do is measure your space if you are planning on hanging wall portraits. This will give you and excellent idea of what sizes to print.

Below are samples of printed images and how they will look on a wall. They are also neat ideas on how to display your portraits! To view these samples in bigger detail, click here.


wall displays plano photographer

Angela Navarette Photography has many print samples ranging from 7″to 45″ for you to look at including the types of paper on which we can print your images. I also carry albums and cards for holidays and invitations. I will absolutely help you at every step so that you can have a wonderful experience from start to finish.

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