What to wear to your session.

The best portraits showcase you—your beautiful face, personality, and style—without making your wardrobe the main subject of your images. So how do you decided what to wear on the big day?

While lighting, location, and posing are all things I consider for your portraits, clothing is an important element. I can help you to choose clothing that flatters you and disappears into the scene ensuring a wow portrait that really takes us into your spirit and tells your story.

Seniors, bring your entire closet, seriously. If that sounds too big a task, I can come to you.  I am happy to help you determine the pieces that will work together to make you shine in your gorgeous pictures.

what to wear to your session
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Deciding on What to Wear


  • SOLID colors (to keep your picture timeless, tiny prints can work it depends, but crazy prints, stripes, and patterns can be distracting)
  • SLEEVES  (at least over the shoulders but 3/4 length is great too. If you have tanks and t-straps, bring a coordinating jacket to cover your arms)
  • SIMILAR color tones for families (1-3 color choices with similar tones that work nicely together without being too matchy, and without making any one person stand out, unless that is the goal. 😉 )
  • SIMPLE jewelry

You don’t have to be formal unless you want to and sometimes it feels great to dress up! But really, the most important thing when deciding what to wear for taking pictures is your comfort level and wearing clothing that makes you feel great about yourself. When you feel great about yourself and your hair is done, maybe a little make-up on, or you are wearing something that you love, it makes you feel amazing, sometimes taller, and you have a glow about you that shows in your eyes. I will always do my personal best to make sure you look you fantastic in front of the camera. It’s all about having fun and capturing the moment for your beautiful printed keepsakes.

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