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Authors, speakers, teachers, realtors, lawyers, financial advisors , actors, musicians, and creatives.


headshot tips

While it might be tempting to upload a cell phone picture to your LinkedIn or internal company website, hire a professional to get the best look for you. A professional headshot photographer ensures to coordinate your clothing with the background and that the overall lighting sets the mood, style, and personality of your portrait. A great headshot portrait really speaks to who you are as a person and makes a great first impression.

Helpful things to remember for your headshot session:

  • If you need a haircut, schedule it a week or two prior to your session so you know how to style it.
  • Ladies simple make-up is best, just be you. Ladies, even if make-up is not your thing it’s definitely advised to use a bit of blush or lipstick for color. If you’d like a pro touch, I recommend Sephora or ULTA beauty services.
  • Your headshots should complement your style, personality, or brand even in color harmony if possible.
  • drink lots of water and get rest.


Make sure that all clothing is laundered and wrinkle-free! Bring them hung up or lay them flat for best results.

  • bring two looks just in case.
  • men, you can wear a jacket with or without a tie.
  • ladies, sleeves that are 3/4 length are best if you’re not wearing a jacket.
  • Solid colors work best.
  • bring a smile!