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why I love working with

High school seniors

Stylish, award-winning, and fun, but timeless portraits tell your high school senior’s story.

I specialize in making my seniors feel awesome about themselves, empowering young ladies to embrace their inner beauty while making the guys feel at ease about taking senior pictures for mom.

Senior year is a great life milestone so make their senior pictures memorable by including their hobbies, extracurriculars, and special interests; everything you love about them! I promise to capture their personality.

I’ve experienced senior high school three times with my own kids, and truly understand the flood of emotions you will undergo during this special time. I really enjoy hearing their hopes and dreams and want to help you by creating timeless portraits for you that you’ll cherish long after they have left the nest.

Parents, this year is a true walk down memory lane. It goes by FAST!


seSSION portrait tips

Beauty & Grooming

Girls, if you are comfortable doing your own make-up, go for it. I love you to be YOU. If you want a pro touch, I recommend Sephora or ULTA beauty services.

Guys, unless you have a full-grown beard, please shave.

  • exfoliate chapped lips.
  • get hair cut at least one week prior.
  • keep hands and nails clean and trim.
  • neutral colors for manis and pedis are best.
  • moisturize your skin.
  • drink lots of water and get rest.


Make sure that all clothing is laundered and wrinkle-free! Bring them hung up or lay them flat for best results. Arrive in the first outfit of your choice ready to go!

  • at least five changes for best variety.
  • guys: dark, medium, and light denim. black and khaki are great.
  • accessorize hats, sunglasses, jewelry, letter jackets.
  • bring your hobbies (sports, band, dance).
  • bring your pets!

Quick Change

No need to worry about where those wardrobe changes happen because I carry a pop-up tent. Ready for a new look? It’s quick and easy!

  • just like a pro.
  • your senior pictures session will be awesome.
  • even the guys have fun!

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