Photographing sunset skies is one of my fave things to do…

photographing sunset skies

Then again, I enjoy photographing pretty much everything! Just as I write this my youngest is chuckling, “Ha, that is so true.” 🙂 I have read several times that though most people enjoy photographing sunsets, instead one should turn their camera in the opposite direction and photograph what that golden light radiates. So true and so hard to do when you are captivated; especially when that last bit of light illuminates the reds, blues, and greens in such a way that it is virtually impossible to turn away as for me in the photo above. Honestly, I watched and watched stunned by the light in the clouds and waited until just after the sun had set to take this daily shot. I really love night time photography too. Stars are for another subject. See? I can’t pick a favorite. LOL.

It is amazing the beauty that is everywhere, the colors that God paints with such delicacy in the skies during sunrise and sunset. More often than not, I am in my car driving my kids somewhere and can’t stop to try and capture it on camera, but I will tell my kids, “Look! Look at the colors in sky. Look at the light! It’s sooooo amazing!” They usually tell me, “Yea mom, that’s cool.” I feel like it’s my desperate attempt tune them into nature and the beauty around them to no avail.  But, if we don’t look up, we will miss the true beauty in this world.

Look up. Be observant. You never know what you’re going to see. ♥ Have a wonderful Sunday.

—Angela Navarette Photography

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