Musician Headshots, Rockwall

I had the opportunity to take musician headshots for a beautiful professor who happens to be sponsored by Backun Musical.

Mary is a wife, mom, instructor and amazing clarinet player. We had a wonderful time during her headshot session and I’m sure you’ll agree, her portraits are lovely. It’s always great when you can bring two looks for your headshot session. You may want to do something a little for formal with business attire, and you may also like to have something a little more casual. In Mary’s case, both were very classy looks that she needed for her Backun Musical tour. I am setup and ready to go so as soon as you get to the studio it takes no time at all. My goal is to capture your personality for the branding you need whether it is for social media, linkedIn or marketing brochures. These are classic looks, I’m sure you’ll agree. She chose her poses before she left and they were delivered to her with a few hours.

Always a pleasure to work with you.

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Musician Headshots by Plano Headshot Photographer

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