My photography actually inspired this post, from another WordPress blogger, which actually was an interesting perspective and read.  The writer wonders about the photo’s backstory and the other girls as my daughter is the focus of the image. This is my response to the writer’s post.

I did in fact purchase my daughter’s boots and I was thrilled that she was wearing them, but she had to anyway because we were on a fifth grade school camping trip in November and it was muddy. This trip is the last big experience these children have as elementary students before they head into middle school. It is an “outdoor” classroom where they are not only learning about nature and science, but learning about becoming a little more independent and how to work with others.

The other feet in the photo belong to all the girls in my group whom I was chaperoning for the three days we were there, and yes, they are all friends.

When I shoot with my camera, I already have an idea of the moment’s image that I want to capture. In watching the girls, I wanted first to capture how sweet my daughter’s feet were at this age comparing them in size and style to all her friend’s. Secondly, as this was special trip, I wanted to capture the legs and shoes of all the girls I had the privilege of guiding and caring for that weekend. Naturally, my daughter is my favorite not only because she is center in the photo, but center in my life; however, having the other legs in the photo are a keepsake memory of ALL the young ladies entrusted to me by their parents and teachers.  Lastly, if you become aware of how the girls feet are resting, you will notice how young, relaxed, innocent, and somewhat insecure they are at this stage. They are all growing up. For me, this is simply a bittersweet moment.

Although it only took seconds to capture this image a lot of thought went into the moment I wanted remember.

I’m glad this photo inspired a fellow blogger to write. Perhaps I should have put more thought into posting a more meaningful description other than, “Aren’t they cute?”

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