Family Portraits Plano Texas. Fall time here in Texas is the perfect time for family portraits. It is the time when we all come together for the holiday season. We bask in the downtime we have catching up on the year’s struggles and triumphs. Being together brings comfort, healing, and even celebration of each other’s accomplishments. I don’t know about you, but I am so grateful for this precious time together as a whole family unit, especially during Thanksgiving when my extended family comes together. It’s a time to carry on family traditions which include a family picture just before dinner, to document the history of the moment. It is something, as a professional family photographer, that I personally cherish knowing that is my charge to now carry on a tradition my grandfather began years before I was born. Even better, it is a great joy when you choose me to capture your families.

This is an important time to regroup, refuel and center ourselves around what truly makes us happy in life. Having your portraits adorn your homes with beautiful imagery of your loved ones helps you to sustain the emotional connections you feel for parents, children, or siblings, closing the distance between you (however close or far) throughout the year.

Plano and it’s surrounding suburbs, such as Richardson, Frisco, and Allen, offer some of the finest city parks in Texas. Some of the best locations for beautiful family photographs and scenic settings are close by, such as Plano’s Arbor Hills or Richardson’s Prairie Creek Park. Even capturing your family portraits at your home makes your emotional connection to your portraits even greater when the setting brings you so much joy and stirs your memories. That is what family portraits are all about; documenting your history to pass on those moments to future generations. It is gathering together, sharing stories of your time and remember your roots.

Take advantage of the short-lived spurts of fall color here in North Texas by scheduling your family portrait sessions early to mid November. As always, it is an honor to work with you. ~Angela.


Family Portraits Plano Texas. Plano Family Pictures Arbor Hills Fall Time Angela Navarette
Family Portraits Plano Texas. Pictures Arbor Hills During Fall by Plano Family Photographer, Angela Navarette.


Family Portraits Plano Texas. Plano Family Photographer; family portraits; beautiful family pictures
Family Portraits Plano Texas. Beautiful family pictures at a local park near their home during late spring.


Family Portraits Plano Texas. Texas Family Portraits Christmas Family Pictures on
Family Portraits Plano Texas. Family Pictures at their Estate at Christmas Time.

Family portraits prairie creek park during fall weatherFamily Portraits Plano Texas. Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, Texas on the perfect fall day in November.


Flowermound Family Photographer
Family Portraits Plano Texas. Portraits in fall to keep traditions.

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