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Monday is the beginning of a new chapter in our household, a bittersweet one where we as parents begin the process of letting go. We let go a little every day, don’t we? Senior year just pushes us a little harder toward actually doing it. This is my own son during his senior year. If you’re a parent of a high school senior this year, I don’t know about you, but my heart has been feeling a tug these past few weeks. Where did the time go? I’m grateful for my senior boy as God’s gift, and grateful I spent my time taking lots of pictures.

Whether or not you have a professional portrait experience, or take snapshots on your own, make time to take lots and lots of photos to remember your high school seniors this year ensuring to print them. It’s so wonderful to have these memories of our babies to cherish. I can speak from experience that being able to have portraits of my son sprinkled around our home where I can see him every day sure does help to take the sting out of them leaving the nest. Seeing their personalities come through in photographs, smiling, that serious look, even laughter, just fills my heart with so much comfort and joy.

I know your boys may give you a hard time about getting their senior pictures taken, but know that once they are here they actually get into the process and I make them feel at ease about being in front of the camera so it really ends up not being that big of a deal to them. They actually have fun!

As for my own, we’ve come a long way, kid, and we are definitely so proud of you and excited for your future. Love, Mom. (somebody get me some kleenex!)

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