October 1, 2021

Today I am speaking my truth. I have spent many months inside my head deciding whether or not to share what has been an incredibly difficult journey for me thus far. The week has been quite harsh on me emotionally as I constantly feel alone though I am surrounded by family and friends. This week I sought support from women who have been there before me. I needed my spirits lifted in a huge way and they were there for me with so much love –love and support from women who are strangers to me, but who are now my sisters in our battles for life. I realized that today is the first of October, breast cancer awareness month, and so this is the perfect time to share my truth.

Four months ago I was diagnosed with stage 3b aggressive breast cancer. I am currently undergoing a year-long treatment to cure it. I am speaking my truth today because if I can prevent any of my women friends or their friends from going through what I have been through these past several months, then I must do it.

My plea to the women in my life is for you to be vigilant. Check your breasts and to go for your annual mammograms. I am living proof that even though my disease does not run in my family, though I do not have genetic markers for increased risk, though my risk was incredibly low, I still developed breast cancer.

If you would like to read about my experience these past few months, I have written a few posts on my journey so far. My writing is just for me to get my thoughts out to remember my personal journey. Sometimes it is not even cohesive because I’m just tired and trying to get the words out, so thank you for your grace.

Wishing you good health and happiness always.


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